Take your Hooded Barbecue Grilling to the Next Level!

Bar-B-Max presents the MAX RACK. 
Our AUSSIE MADE innovative way to "Maximize" the internal cooking space of hooded BBQ's.
MAX RACK is a  unique, heavy duty shelf system- designed for Tray Grilling and Baking using an Indiect Cooking Method. The versatility of the MAX RACK is only limited by your imagination.
MAX RACK transforms your hooded barbecue into an outdoor oven, so you can:
croissants, oven chips & wedges, pies, quiches, enchiladas, lasagne, even bread!
succulent, chef grade beef, pork, lamb, chicken, snags, ribs, drumsticks, wings
Indirect Cooking
no more burning the bottom of your food
Double the cooking space
save time and gas by cooking food on both shelves
Keep your barbie clean 
no spattering and dripping juices to scrape off the grill. All the mess collects in the trays.
Save Gas
you only need to use the low setting on your gas burners
Check out the full range and prices HERE.
MAX RACK sits on top of the grill, allowing the heat from the burners to cook evenly. Shielding the bottom level using the MAX SHIELD, a pizza stone or cooking tray enables Indirect Cooking on the upper level to bake or gently heat items like breads, sausages & hot dogs or cook your choice of roast, sausages, fish, chicken pieces, pork - the choice is up to you.
Inside the top of your hooded barbecue is where the heat collects - the MAX RACK elevates your food so you can cook an even, succulent, chef-grade meal.
The bottom level of the MAX RACK allows you to grill things like kebabs, skewers and shaslicks without burning the sticks or getting the food stuck to the grill plate. Imagine cooking oven wedges or baked potatoes and pumpkin on the bottom shelf while your roast cooks gently on the top shelf!