Brett Ireland - Inventor, Actor, Class A Sheet Metal Worker, Musician.
“Much of my life has been spent trying to find ways to simplify daily tasks. Covid 19 has hit many industries hard including the Arts and Media sector, where Phil and I were making the bulk of our income, so it was time to come up with something different - hence the MAX RACK.”
Phil Evans - Media specialist - Video, Audio, Graphic & Web Design, Musician.
“When Brett called me and told me about his idea, I thought it was do-able but wasn’t sure how it worked and if it would actually be viable, so I got him to send me a prototype and put it to the test. Wow! The MAX RACK is a BBQ game changer. I’m hooked and I pretty much cook with it every night.”
Brett and Phil are mates who have that unique combination of “chiming in” together, no matter what the situation - in music, as designers, as inventors and promoters.
They’ve both had many years of success performing nationally and internationally and worked together in Darwin for several years.
These days Phil has returned to the far South Coast of NSW to attend to family matters however, this hasn’t hampered their efforts, using online technology to bring their ideas to life.